composition and performance in collaboration
                                with Golan Levin and Scott Gibbons


Video Excerpt of Scribble


Scribble is a live color-music performance composed and performed by Golan Levin, Scott Gibbons and Gregory Shakar. The piece was originally commissioned in September 2000 by the Ars Electronica Festival to be written for the Audiovisual Environment Suite of digital performance instruments developed by Golan Levin. Reviving and updating a decades-old tradition of kinetic light performance, Scribble features tightly-coupled sounds and dynamic visuals which are at times carefully scored, and at other times freely improvised.

Scribble is performed on the Audiovisual Environment Suite (AVES), a set of five interactive systems which allow people to create and perform abstract animation and sound, simultaneously, in real time. Each instrument is an experimental attempt to design an interface which is supple and easy to learn, yet can also yield interesting, infinitely variable and personally expressive performances in both the visual and aural domains.

A DVD-Rom of Scribble is now available from the Ars Electronica Center. This DVD-Rom includes a multi-angle video, Dolby-surround sound recording of the half-hour Scribble premiere performance, as well as the AVES software itself (Win2000 only).

More information about scribble, AVES, Golan Levin, and Scott Gibbons can be found at their respective web sites.